Lysa McDowell

“Volunteering is so much fun. It’s a liberating experience. It gives me a sense of freedom. The work is such that I can use my abilities wherever I see I can be useful. There is no suggestion too small or too visionary to consider. We listen to one another. It’s a well managed team effort. And the benefit proceeds from the HUB are so karmically energized that I want to volunteer even MORE hours, rather than less. For me, volunteering is a stress-free experience of doing the work I enjoy. The reward is a greater sense of integration of purpose.

The void that comes from a lack of cultural or religious tradition has been filled with a deep appreciation for hospice care. I am in favor of all end of life plans, and I have a sense of fulfillment to be giving of my time and experience for the individuals who have the support of hospice when needed.”

Lysa McDowell, Hospice Unique Boutique Volunteer

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